Monday, 31 January 2011

Revisiting The Maze Runner

So as I finished my book today and have nothing new to read until tomorrow (when I'm going to get a book called Inside Out on my lunch break), I picked a random book from my shelf to read tonight. And therefore, I thought I'd talk a bit about it before I get started.
       This book is called The Maze Runner by James Dashner, I read it back in September. It's about a boy with no memories of his previous life, only his name -Thomas- waking up and finding himself in a lift that brings him up to a place called The Glade. Here there are about 30-something other boys, who all arrived in the same way once a month with nothing but a name. They live there, sorting out jobs and searching the maze (that the Glade is centred in) for answers to their strange situation. I enjoyed this book, it was a bit slow paced at times, but the concept, the action and the characters urged me on.
        Just after Christmas, I read the second book to the (soon to be) trilogy called The Scorch Trails. It's obvious when reading The Scorch Trails, that the first book hadn't intended to be a trilogy at first, as it's concept isn't as organised as the The Maze Runner. BUT, with all this said, I actually loved The Scorch Trails more than the The Maze Runner. It kept you asking questions, it had an exciting pace, was quite scary at times and I liked feeling as though I was with the characters as they went on this journey. I just absolutely can't wait until the third book, The Death Cure, comes out in October. I need to find out what happens!

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