Tuesday, 1 February 2011

127 Hours

I just wanted to talk a bit about this film this morning.
127 Hours is a true story about a climber called Aron Ralston's remarkable journey into surviving after having his arm trapped by a fallen boulder. It's another direction from Danny Boyle, and another fantastic film.
    I love this film. I thought it was written brilliantly, and most definitely performed brilliantly by it's lead James Franco (who I've always liked in the past, so I'm probably biased there). It was a breathtaking, eye opening film that caused me to cringe more than once, and I can't deny that I had to shut my eyes for a while at one point. No shame.
    127 Hours has been nominated for an Academy Award in Best Picture. I have seen The King's Speech, Black Swan and The Social Network, and I'm pretty sure that one of them is going to sweep Best Picture (King's Speech if I was betting on it). But I find myself strangely routing for this film. I hope, at least, that it wins Best Adapted Screenplay. I really feel as though it deserves it.

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