Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Pan's Labyrinth

 So I'd heard a lot about Pan's Labyrinth and had been meaning to watch it for a while. But in class, I'm working on a assignment based on the two words, Playful and Profound. I decided to use dark children's stories and the adult side of Fairy Tales as an interpretation to the two words. And this is when my Ceramic's lecturer lent me Pan's Labyrinth as it was pretty relevant to what I was doing.
        Pan's Labyrinth wasn't quite what I expected. I'd read reviews saying that it was like a dark Spanish  Narnia. But there was more of the story in the outside world, where I was under the impression that she'd go into this magical world by herself and explore. I make it sound as though I was disappointed in the film, when actually I loved it! I thought it was brilliant and actually liked the whole story outside of the Labyrinth. It was so refreshing to see a film that is primarily a children's story with a child star, that's serious and powerful (and is also rated a 15).
       Obviously, one of the scenes that sticks out in my mind is the Pale Man monster. Easily one of the creepiest creatures invented. The eyes in the hands is such an iconic image that I've seen everywhere, that for some reason I thought he'd be a nice advisor man to her. So it was a bit of a surprise to see that he was a much scarier child-eating monster.
       But overall, I loved the film. The dark fantasy and the not so original twist at the end was fantastic.

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