Friday, 6 May 2011

Follow Friday/ Book Blogger Hop (11)

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Q. Circle time! Time to share. What character in a book would you most like to be, what character in a book would you most like to date?

Hmm, this is a tough one. I've thought about these two questions many times, but I've never really come to a conclusion.

When thinking about a character I'd like to be, I tend to lean towards the characters I'm most like, which I suppose isn't necessary. However, a character I'd most like to be is probably Hermione from Harry Potter. She goes to Hogwarts and is best friends with Harry and Ron. I think those are enough reasons. I also admire her a lot for her honesty and cleverness. 

A character I'd most like to date....have you got a couple hours? This is quite a tough one also. I always tend to lean away from the most obvious love interests of female leads in books, as they are always very similar and I'm not much of a romantic. 

One character whose probably my biggest crush at the moment is Edilio from the Gone series by Michael Grant. He's not one of the main characters, but is by far the unsung hero of the books! He's the bravest and always keeps it together while everyone else is falling apart, even with the fact that he doesn't have a power. But he is also 14-15, so it might be a bit odd if I dated him. Grant also likes giving me a mini heart attack as Edilio seems to have a near death experience each book. 

Also, any of John Green's lead male characters. This is probably better as they are all pretty much my age. But I always connect with his male leads so much, and can relate them to myself much better than any female leads I have read. Preferably Miles 'Pudge' or Quentin, from Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns respectively. 

Okay, WOW, I just rambled a lot, I'm sorry about that....

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Book Blogger Hop

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  1. That is nice. It's always nice to meet friends who have the same interest

  2. Hi Vicky, just hopping on by, stumbled on your blog through the FF for this week and thought I'd say "hi!"

    Also, I am a new follower :)

    Have a great weekend! Feel free to stop by and check out my blog sometime!

    Lea @ LC's Adventures in Libraryland

  3. Awesome answers. I've always associated myself with Hermione. :]

  4. Hello!!
    Hermione is a great choice! I had a friend once who dressed like her for Halloween!
    Have a happy Mother's Day!

  5. I get to have lunch with a small group of book bloggers on a semi-regular basis. If you're in the SF Bay Area, maybe we've met! Happy blog hop.

  6. Hermione is definitely the most popular answer for that question as I've seen it a bunch of times today. Guess she's a well written character (I'm one of the few people in the world who have yet to read a Harry Potter book).
    Just stopping by from FF and it's nice to now be following a fellow Brit (I live in the US now but am from Liverpool).

  7. I totally agree. I want to meet all the book bloggers. Everyone is so nice.

  8. Happy Follow Friday! I am a follower! Hope you will stop by

    Emma Michaels

  9. Hopping by from the Blog Hop.

    It is difficult to choose someone.



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