Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Top Ten Tuesday (2)

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  1. Twilight - I haven't read Twilight, purely because it doesn't interest me. I have absolutely nothing agaisnt it though. But I am so sick and tired of what it's done to YA books in bookshops. I have/see so many books that (as far as I know) have little to do with Twilight, with Stephanie Myer quotes and quotes like 'Twilight fans will love it!', 'The next Twilight!' all over them. I really am sick of seeing that on all of my books. In my local book shop, they have two bookshelves for YA books, and one of them is almost ENTIRELY for Twilight and Twilight-related books. I know it's how they market the books, but I just feel like Twilight has completely taken over the marketing of YA books.
  2. Books with models on the cover - I don't know why, but I hate it! I just don't like it when they put people on the front cover that are meant to be representing the characters. They will never be like you imagine and I just think that it commercializes it a bit. I also think it takes away the mystery slightly.
  3. Good concepts, bad executions - It's usually interesting concepts that draw me into a book the most. And I will most likely pick up a book and read it instantly if I like the concept. But I hate reading a book where the great concept is pushed to the back for the majority of the book when they could be doing so much more with it. 
  4. Information overloaded chapters - There's not much to say here. I know you usually get one of these chapters in every book. I just get bored with it if the information isn't that interesting or the chapter is too long.
  5. Young Adult Books represented as children's - I know that was bad phrasing, but I don't really know how to put it. It angers me when people consider YA books as children's. My mum has always called the books I read 'kiddies' books, and WOW does that irritate me! I also hate it when I see all the YA books mixed up with the children's books in the shops. I just feel odd when I see The Hunger Games sat on the shelf next to The Hungry Caterpillar! 
  6. Books with really long chapters - I just feel more accomplished when the chapters are shorter. I also like it when a story is broken up into shorter chapters. It feels like there is more going on and it's nice to put down a book for the night once you've finished a chapter. But that's hard to do when they're too long!
  7. Female lead's image - (bad phrasing again sorry) I feel as though this is something pretty risky to put. But I always find that female leads to a lot of books that I have read are always described as being naturally thin, or small for their age. I know this isn't really a big deal. But I like to think in this day and age with all the body image stuff flying around, that we could have a bit more variety. It's shallow I know, but it's just something I've noticed. 
  8. Dismissed characters - When we get introduced to a small character who may stick around for a few chapters or maybe a whole book (if it's a series), and then get completely dismissed and forgotten about so that we never know what happened to them.
  9. Too many movies! - I feel like as soon as a YA book becomes a little bit popular, they have to go and make a movie of it. I know that it's how the world works, but there have been some pretty bad ones recently, and I would like to see it handled more carefully. 
  10. Normal girl finds out that she or someone she knows is a Vampire/Werewolf/Fairy/(insert other mystical being). - I know that some people really like this sort of story. Which I have no problem with. I would just like to see something more original on the shelves. 

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  1. Great list Vicky! I completely agree with you about Twilight, good concepts/bad executions, and too many movies!

    Grace @ www.feedingmybookaddiciton.blogspot.com


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