Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Top Ten Tuesday!

This meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish! Today's Top Ten is:

Top Ten Books I just HAD to buy....but are still sitting on my shelf.

Now, before I start, I would just like to say that I don't have quite as many as ten in the fiction department as I like to read books I buy before getting any others to save money (this doesn't work so well though). I also have a few WW2 non-fiction related books as I am very interested in that area and went through a huge WW2 phase last summer. I have linked them all to their Shelfari pages if you are interested! 

1. World War Z by Max Brooks
I got this on my love of zombie books, and also part of a 3 for 2 offer, but just haven't gotten around to reading it.
2. Where the Hell have you been? by Tom Carver 
One of my many WW2 memoir related books that I got during last summer's WW2 fest and haven't read yet. 
3. The Shining by Stephen King
Surprisingly, I haven't actually read a Stephen King book yet, and thought that this would be a good start, as it's a classic. Still haven't read it yet though obviously. 
4. Incarceron by Catherine Fisher
This is one I got relatively recently, but I predict that it will be sitting on my bookshelf for a while as I have plenty of other books I'm a little more in a hurry to read.
5. Eragon  by Christopher Paolini 
I got this in a cheap book shop with the second book for something like £2.99, so I thought I might as well. It looked like a good book to have, but I 'm still in no hurry to read this.
6. Eldest by Christopher Paolini
Part of the first two books of the Inheritance Cycle as I said above.
7. Lament by Maggie Stiefyater
Again, this is another recent buy, and I actually hope to get around to this soon. 

Drop a comment and a link to your Top Ten Tuesday, I would love to see what everyone has! 


  1. Great list. I read Eragon a couple years ago and was not motivated enough to move onto Eldest. Also, I've read about 15 Stephen King books but somehow skipped over The Shining??? Have a great week!

  2. I really enjoyed Eragon and the rest of the series and it even looks like the fourth one will be published before I reach the point of giving up on it, which is always nice.
    I wish I had the strength to resist buying book until I read the ones I already own...

  3. You've both made me more motivated to read Eragon, I think I will have to move it up my list! :D

  4. I read Eragon and liked it, but it doesn't hold a candle to some of the other fantasy I've read.

    I think you're the only person to have a zombie book on your list. You're officially the most awesome.

  5. Haha, thank you. I can't resist a good zombie book!


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